About me


Meet Mieke, founder of Moving Inside Moving Insight.

Hello dear one, I am Mieke, founder of Moving Inside Moving Insight. As an intuitive Sacred Feminine coach and womb healer, I am dedicated to helping WoMen reconnect to their Essence, Mission and creative Lifeforce. The Womb is a powerful portal to forgotten sources of empowerment, inspiration and inner guidance. That is why my focus is first of all on Womb Awakening, Womb Healing and Menstrual Cycle Awareness. I am devoted to supporting WoMen to re-member and em-body their natural connection to the larger rhythms of the Cosmos, Nature and the Divine through the seasons in their Cycle and in their life phases. My work is definitely a response to the big need I witness to make WoMen’s Health natural, soft and holistic again. Beautiful self-care practices such as Womb Steaming help us to take gentle responsibility for our Body, Mind and Soul. Other FeMinine healing arts I offer, such as the herbal steam lodge, dance, ritual, guided meditations and shamanic journeying also support us in reclaiming our Wholeness and reconnecting to Herstory, so that we can contribute to the process of global Change that is so necessary now. Every one of us is indispensable in the birthing of New Earth. My own pilgrimage to the Sacred FeMinine started in 2005, first of all looking for healing myself and in this process gathering many tools from different angles, traditions and places. Since 2010 I travel a lot to South-America and I feel blessed to have met amazing teachers in wisdom traditions of shamanic and sacred feminine lineages from across the world. In the course of the last 15 years I was trained as a Womb Awakening Facilitator, Advanced Moon Mother, Vaginal Steam Practitioner, Shamanic Counselor, Conscious Dance facilitator and more. 

I hereby wish to honour my mentors: Azra and Seren Bertrand (Fountain of Life), Miranda Gray (Moon Mother, Womb Blessing), Diana Beaulieu (Sacred Woman Awakening Institute), Leyolah Antara (Tantric Rose Mystery School), Andrew Harvey, Kayujali Tsamani, Jaba Saka, Mamita Miriam, grandmother Barbara Threecrow, Pepe Mendoza Loli, Chief Iktomi Sha, Koen Vanmechelen, various coaches at World Shamanic Yoga Institute (Peru) and Agama Yoga (Thailand and Colombia), Jos Koch (Wellness Academie), Frans Copers en André Poppe (Kimura Institute), Suzanna Kukies (Somatic Movement Therapy), Susannah Darling Khan (Movement Medicine), Minako Seki (Minako Seki Company), Dagmar Cee, Michel & A. Mieke (5Rhythms), Nadia Cusimano (body mind centering), Janos Grimm (ritual dance), Ozan Aksoyek (body weather), Dina Mouton (Dans naar Inzicht), Belgian School of Shamanism and Agape Belgium.