Moving Inside is a place for you if you want to connect with your FeMinine* essence, in a natural and holistic way.

We specialiseren in Womb Steam, Womb Awakening, Womb Healing® en Womb Blessing®, kruidenstoomhut, geleide meditatie, ritueel en dans.


Moving Inside is a place for you if you want to connect with your FeMinine* essence, in a natural and holistic way.

We specialize in yoni steaming, Womb Awakening, Womb Healing® and Womb Blessing®, sweatlodges with herbs, guided meditations, ritual and dance.



Do you also feel that being a WoMan is a mystery?

Do you long to understand and embody your unique FeMinine wisdom?

Do you want to see your menstrual cycle and the transition to menopause as a tool instead of a curse?

Do you crave for a moment just for yourself - not as your role as a mother, colleague, partner, daughter?

Do you feel tired and empty? Are you in search of your dreams? Or do you have dreams but don’t know how to bring them into the world?

Are you searching for a way of spirituality and meditation that is attuned to the FeMinine?

Do you want to come home in sisterhood?

Do you want to contribute to a world where softness, connectedness and care are central?

As an Advanced Moon Mother I offer Womb Blessing®Womb Healing® and Female Soul Healing Female Soul Healing to help WoMen find their natural and cyclical power back. These powerful energetic and healing techniques are developed by Miranda Gray, international nominated healer, author and teacher on the awakening of FeMale energy. 

Womb Steam of Yoni Stoombad is een sauna voor de vrouwelijke schoot. Het biedt een holistische en natuurlijke ondersteuning bij cyclus gerelateerde en vrouwelijke klachten. Symptomen bij de maanstonden en de overgang zijn een barometer voor onze algemene gezondheid. Stomen brengt ontspanning en doorstroming in het bekken. Tijdens de intake werken we desgewenst met Healy frequentietherapie. 

As a WoMan we get the golden opportunity for a long, moving and vital life: the menstruation, the period after giving birth to your child and the (peri)menopause. Moving Inside offers mentorship in these seasons that we as WoMen tred, in every menstrual cycle and throughout our lives. How can you use your cyclic power for empowerment?  

In our full expansion as a WoMan the abdomen, the pelvis, the root chakra, the yoni and the womb play an essential role. Activating this energy center brings reconciliation and peace toward our FeMininity, healing of trauma and deepening into our authentic truth and sensuality.   

The individual sessions, workshops and courses of Moving Inside are all in service of the Sacred Feminine. The FeMale principle wants to care for and connect, because we are part of the conscious web of love and our planet. Moving Inside wants to contribute to the return of the feminine ways in terms of life, healing and spirituality. 

Guided meditations, ritual and dance are standard ingredients in our circles, Womb Steam rituals and herb sweat lodges. We create a safe space where you can reconnect with the wisdom of your body and your own source of inspiration and healing. Together we dive in a deep transformational process to fully embody our essence. 

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About me

I am Mieke, founder of Moving Inside Moving Insight. I am an intuitive coach and healer. It is my mission to help WoMen find their essence, creativity and life force back. To support these transformational processes I am educated as Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Moon Mother and Womb Awakening Practitioner; Conscious Dance Facilitator and Shamanic Counselor. 


Are you looking for personal mentoring or healing? Don’t hesitate to book an individual session.

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Do you want to book an individual session?

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