Herbal Steam lodge

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Let's return to Mother Earth's womb and remember who we essentially are. Let's strengthen our body, heart and womb in harmony with nature and the elements.

The herbal steam lodge is a natural ritual sauna in a low round room of willow branches and blankets. Like a sweat lodge, we enter a dark "mother's womb" warmed by rocks that were heated up in a sacred fire. When water with herbs is poured over those stones, beneficial steam is released. Our pores open with the heat, our hearts and minds open with the chants and meditations. We also do a “baño de plantas”, as they say in Latin America, or a spiritual plant bath.baño Respectfully and with deep attention we connect with the essence and the healing power of the herbs. Your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body will be cleansed and nourished. Sweating releases toxins from our body and we find relief from ailments and pain. We can release suppressed emotions and frustrations, transmute fears and find answers to existential questions. We strengthen our wisdom and intuition, will and decisiveness, creativity and transformation. In synergy with the four elem 


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Place: Tienen, Belgium

The herbal steam lodge is a powerful detoxifier for physical and psychological health. It is highly recommended for people with joint problems, muscle tension, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, gout, lumbago. It reduces stress and nervousness and helps with depression. The lodge is also good for people with kidney problems. Impurities are removed by perspiration: grease, acne and skin impurities. It improves circulation and eliminates excess salts. It works beneficially on sinusitis, emphysema, respiratory problems (asthma) and bronchitis. It boosts the immune system and is recommended for people with autoimmune diseases. In addition, it balances hormonal activity, soothes and reduces menstrual and postpartum pain and can be supportive in the treatment of fertility problems. On the emotional level, the lodge helps to release deep blockages.

The herbal steam lodge is not allowed for people with hypertension, acute heart disease, diabetes or women with less than 4 months of pregnancy.

Consult the supervisor beforehand in case of psychiatric problems or drug use.

Mieke learned from her husband, Juan Carlos España Mueses, about the traditional use of plant baths in Columbia. She followed The Healing Dimension of the Sweat Lodge Training in France with Annika Zialliacus, Frans Scheerder & Jean Verstraete. In Colombia, she attended the Formación de Guía de Temazcal in the Toltec tradition, led by Gustavo Fernandez, who received training and permission from abuelo (elder) Tlakaelel to pass on knowledge related to the Temazcal. Formación de Guía de Temazcal in de Temazcal is the name given to the sacred space where health baths happen with medicinal plants. “Temaz” means steam and “calli” means house. 

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