Female Energy Awakening


As an Advanced Moon Mother I offer Womb Blessing®, Womb Blessing®Womb Healing® and Female Soul Healing Female Soul Healing to help WoMen find their natural and cyclical power back. These powerful energetic healing techniques were developed by Miranda Gray.  

Womb Blessing® offers you an unstoppable stimulance to live following your unique female essence. This blessing is brought to life by Miranda Gray, international nominated healer, author and teacher for reawakening female energy.

Womb Healing® balances the energies of the four inner seasons or archetypes of WoMen. In this way Womb Healing brings balance to the menstrual cycle and to the different phases of life.

Female Soul Healing (FSH) is an extension of Womb Healing. FSH brings balance to the four archetypes that are linked to our FeMale cycle and to the inner seasons of our life.

I wholeheartedly recommend the book Female Energy Awakening of my teacher Miranda Gray.

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