Womb Blessing®


Womb Blessing® offers you an unstoppable stimulance to live following your unique female essence. This blessing is brought to life by Miranda Gray, international nominated healer, author and teacher for reawakening female energy. The Womb Blessing® is a beautiful and empowering ritual that activates self-healing powers. It affirms our femininity and reinforces the awareness of who we really are. It gives us the freedom and acceptance to be women in all our shades, emotions and guises. 

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Every WoMan, is in essence four WoMen, says Miranda Gray. She is talking about the four archetypes of the WoMan that are connected to the four phases of our cycle: the virgin, the mother, the witch and the wise woman. We find these phases also in bigger spheres over the span of our lives. The Blessing blows, literally, a new life of basic energies. Suppressed or sleeping aspects of the universal feminine reawaken in you. This will provide balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual level of the menstrual cycle.

And not just the menstrual cycle! The seasons that we see in our lives are the same as the moon phases but on a larger scale, or a longer period of time. In this way the Womb Blessing helps WoMen of all ages, with or without womb or menstrual cycle, to grow in self acceptance and self love. 

The blessing is not just a cleansing of the womb or pelvic area, but of the three energetic centers of a WoMan. The womb is the center of our relation with the earth and the world, the centre for intimacy, creativity, sensual sexuality and female spirituality. The womb is also known as the cauldron or the holy grail. The second energetic centre that is also included in the blessing, is the heart of the ‘chalice’, connected to the breasts and the hands. It includes qualities of fullness and generosity, selflessness and unconditional love. The third center is the pituitary gland in the brain, also named ‘the star’. This regulates hormones and awareness.

I received my first Womb Blessing in 2017 of Miranda Gray, during my level 1 training as Moon Mother. Since that moment Moving Inside Moving Insight was born and I fully go for my mission. For a couple of years now I am an Advanced Moon Mother and give the blessing with love on. Because I have benefited so much of her effects myself!


Womb Blessing

  • Brings healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
  • Awakens sleeping and suppressed aspects of the four archetypes of WoMen, so you can bloom in an authentic FeMale nature.
  • Energizes and heals the three most important FeMale energy centers: head, heart and womb.
  • Cleanses old patterns and blockages.
  • Heals deep patterns from the past and in the ancestry.
  • Activates the womb, protects her from fatigue and brings wholeness.
  • Grounds and strengthens the connection with Mother Earth.
  • Brings self-empowerment and a feeling of peace, self acceptance and self love.
  • Awakens a deeper awareness of the Sacred Feminine in yourself and your life.

In this video Miranda Gray explains what the Womb Blessing is.

Maak een afspraak voor een individuele sessie via telefoon of email: +32 486 275 193

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