Womb Healing®


Womb Healing® balances the energies of the four inner seasons or archetypes of WoMen. In this way Womb Healing brings balance to the menstrual cycle and to the different phases of life.

The Womb Healing is an energetic healing specific for the womb. She works on the physical problems and the emotional patterns that we hold in our pelvic area. More specifically, the healing works on the four FeMale archetypes that people everywhere in the world relate to the phases of the menstrual cycle: the virgin - the mother - the witch - the crone. As such there can be a harmonious experience in every phase of the menstrual cycle on physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Or if we don’t bleed anymore, we learn to appreciate every season of life as a complete WoMan. 

According to the method of Miranda Gray. Also go to:

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