Meet Mieke, founder of Moving Inside Moving Insight.


As a conscious dance facilitator I am dedicated to creating a safe space where men and women can move inside their body-nature and reconnect to forgotten sources of inspiration and inner guidance in order to re-member and em-body their unique soul’s essence in this world.

In my healing work for women and womb I help women reconnect to their womb and their cycle, and through their cycle to the larger natural rhythms of life. This work helps women embrace their full feminine authenticity and life force flow.

For many years I often travelled to South America. On these journeys I gathered traditional herbal recipes for women’s health and general well-being. I feel blessed to have met some amazing teachers with whom I studied wisdom traditions of shamanic and sacred feminine lineages from across the world. I did long-term voluntary work at shamanic centers in Peru and Columbia and facilitated my own workshops such as ‘La Danza del Alma’. Working with women and dance continue to be cornerstones of my practice.

As an expression of my passionate love for life and steadiness on this path of service I choose to expand myself consciously and continuously. I am trained as a shaman by the highly recommended Belgische School voor Sjamanisme and as a Womb Wisdom Keeper by the mystery school Fountain of Life under the guidance of Seren and Azra Bertrand. As an Advanced Moon Mother, I proudly give womb blessings, womb healings and female soul healings according to the teachings of Miranda Gray. My trajectory is infused with many types of yoga, meditation, martial arts, dance, bodywork and massage.

I’m also certified by Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute as a Yoni Steam Facilitator. I love working with steam. The way it so powerfully combines the elements of nature (water, fire, earth and air) captures me and I believe its soft potency will delight you too. I love to work with steam as vapor is the alchemical fusion of the elements.

In my daily life I like to take long herbal baths, fairy walks in the forest and I love cultivating organic herbs for the steams. Above all, I see Life herself as my teacher.

I hereby wish to honour my mentors: Azra and Seren Bertrand (Fountain of Life), Miranda Gray (Moon Mother, Womb Blessing), Diana Beaulieu (Sacred Woman Awakening Institute), Andrew Harvey, Kayujali Tsamani, Jaba Saka, Mamita Miriam, grandmother Barbara Threecrow, Pepe Mendoza Loli, Chief Iktomi Sha, Koen Vanmechelen, various coaches at World Shamanic Yoga Institute (Peru) and Agama Yoga (Thailand and Colombia), Frans Copers en André Poppe (Kimura Institute), Suzanna Kukies (Somatic Movement Therapy), Susannah Darling Khan (Movement Medicine), Minako Seki (Minako Seki Company), Dagmar Cee, Michel & A. Mieke (5Rhythms), Nadia Cusimano (body mind centering), Janos Grimm (ritual dance), Ozan Aksoyek (body weather), Dina Mouton (Dans naar Inzicht), Belgian School of Shamanism and Agape Belgium.