Womb Awakening


Womb Awakening is a mystical embodiment approach that passes on millenia old FeMale wisdom. As the word says, it focuses on activating the womb or hara, because this energy center in our body is connected to creative lifeforce and the great mystery of life and the cosmos. It originates from a worldwide tradition that has existed long before the patriarchy. Since the establishment of male dominance, much of this knowledge has gone underground or even got lost. Herstory became history. It’s almost a miracle that the memory of this tradition is coming back to life in it’s full force. A new world wants to be born from respect, love and connection. Womb Awakening supports the harmony of the female, male and gender transcending principle and thus is a cross-border practice.

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Womb of Hara Awakening is about activating the womb for women and the hara for men. The womb, the hara (Japan) or the tandien (Tao) is the energy center below the navel.  

As seen in qigong, many martial arts, Taoist sexual practices, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mayan Abdominal Massage… this region contains very important points for meditation, breathing and movement. When we center there, we get a better grip on our thoughts and emotions. In Taoism and Buddhism, the womb or hara is essential for attaining higher states of consciousness or samadhi. In their view men could also give birth to a child from the hara: a divine child born from the balance between male and female.

For tens of thousands of years, the womb or the hara was considered the seat of the soul, the center of our inner strength, the throne of our creativity and authenticity. Sages from all over the world – Tao, Buddhist, Maya, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, Native, Celtic, Sufi, Kabbalistic, African, Gnostic – all spoke of the womb in more or less veiled terms. The Womb is "the holy grail" in ancestral religions and myths, the "mystery" in the mystery schools.

One thing is certain: every human being is born from the womb. The womb is the beginning for all of us. Scientists are only now beginning to understand the importance of our time in the womb and how it shapes our first psychological and cellular imprints. 

The womb does not only give birth to physical children… The womb has the energy of creation and gestation. It connects us to the web of life and the deepest mysteries of existence. All our dreams, projects and our full development as human beings are born here. 

When the womb closes due to trauma, our deepest consciousness, our sense of vitality and creativity also close. Trauma in the womb is the main cause of the loss of our connection to life, both personally and collectively. Burnout can also be viewed from this perspective.urn-out kan vanuit dit perspectief bekeken worden. 

Womb Awakening includes breathing and movement techniques, body prayers, meditations and visualizations, mantras, art therapy, natural trance and more. Practicing these techniques brings the body and psyche into a deep state of healing and memory. 

Womb Awakening brings you

  • Connection to your FeMale essence
  • Empowerment 
  • A vital body awareness
  • Grounding and healthy boundaries
  • Reconciliation with the womb
  • Reconciliation with your own sexuality and the opening of the sexual center
  • Softening of personal and intergenerational trauma
  • Enjoying and be-ing
  • A body and grounded spirituality
  • A remembering of an ancient knowledge
  • Strengthening your intuition
  • Connection with nature and the power of life

I wholeheartedly recommend the four-time award-winning book by my teachers Seren and Azra Bertrand.

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Maak een afspraak voor een individuele sessie via telefoon of email: +32 486 275 193

We are weaving a new way,
Stitching revolutions together,
Spinning new worlds from our Wombs,
Dreaming back the wild edges of our Souls,
Calling forth that what has been lost.
We are women of the Womb,
Maddened by love into action,
We are men of the heart,
Softened into surrender,
Afraid only of not feeling.
We are thinking in a web,
Your thread holds mine together.
We are taleweavers and troubadours,
Telling the words that were broken,
Singing the songs of longing.
We are weaving a new way,
Using the thread of pain,
Spinning it back into gold.
~Seren & Azra Bertrand~

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