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Womb steam (or Yoni Steam) is a sauna with healing and fragrant herbs exclusively for the FeMale pelvic floor. In a sacred circle of WoMen, each clad in long robes, we sit in a special chair over an infusion of carefully chosen herbs. This allows the warm steam to penetrate gently into the yoni and the pelvis. This WoMen's ritual softens, strengthens and restores vitality to the sacred part of your body. It is a mild, effective and powerful way to assist the healing process of the uterus and pelvis with natural means. When you steam regularly, you feel more connected to your body, your feminine identity gets a boost and at the same time you experience a profound sense of calmness. Even after a single steaming, these effects are noticeable.


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Price: 30 eu per session

Registration is necessary via the agenda.

You don't need to bring anything special, everything is available.

Please note

In some cases, vaginal steaming is not recommended:

  1.  During menstruation
  2.  After ovulation when you are trying to get pregnant
  3.  With active spotting or blood loss

If you are in one of these cases, we will provide you with an alternative. Just let us know in advance.

More info

Womb steams are an age-old, worldwide practice that is practiced in various cultures, a bit like a sauna, to support wellness for your body and womb. We encourage each other to take care of yourself, connect with yourself and love yourself with this ritual. Today, numerous women are rediscovering the many, varied benefits of this use.

What can you expect from a womb steam group session?

At Moving Inside you can do womb steams in a group, as such we create a powerful connection between women through our pelvic floor. Together we turn the steam session into a ritual with a meditation before and after steaming. Our groups consist of a maximum of 15 women. We take the time to arrive, drink a cup of tea, settle in and make it cozy in the circle. We want you to feel comfortable with us. Mieke gives a short introduction about the ritual, the position of the moon and the herbs that will be used. Then we share our intentions with the group: Why did you want to be there today? What do you hope to take home from this session? What do you want to attract or let go of in your life? Speaking your intentions out loud empowers them and gives us the opportunity to connect. You can choose to share your intentions or keep them to yourself, both options are fine.

Before steaming, we give you a long dress so that the heat stays in and so that you don't have to feel naked if you are sensitive to that. The steam session itself takes about 15 minutes. After this, your whole being is deeply relaxed; the perfect moment to do another meditation, this time aimed at connecting with your inner grounded wisdom. To conclude, we share our experiences, get dressed and offer you – depending on the time – a delicious cup of tea or a delicious bowl of homemade soup. We invite you to spend some more time together. Relax and enjoy the moment.

More information about the use of Yoni steam can be found on the Yoni Steam page on our website. If you are interested in attending one of our group sessions, take a look at our agenda.

Moving Inside also offers individual sessions for a more focused, personalized approach, which can be booked via the link at the bottom of this page. Mieke was trained by Peristam Hydrotherapy Institute to design and guide customized steam session trajectories.

Do you have a personal question for Mieke? Maybe you're looking for tips on which herbs to use in your own steaming ritual? Contact Mieke via movinginside2017@gmail.com

Womb steaming gives a deep relaxation in the pelvic floor and a good wellness feeling for a part of our body that we all too often ignore. In addition to the numerous benefits, it is above all a wonderfully gentle way to strengthen your feminine identity and well-being.


“This women's ritual with herbal steam has corrected my cycle for myself (3 years after the birth of my daughter!!) and further healed my pelvis, because it hurt all the time. Because I personally benefited from the womb steaming and because I think that we as women should unite more about being a woman anyway, I am now organizing a steaming session at my home.”

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