Yoni Steaming


Yoni steaming is a sauna with carefully chosen herbs specifically for the female pelvic floor. Vaginal steaming is a gentle, natural and accessible practice to assist the well-being of the yoni. The steam brings heat and circulation to the pelvis, an area that is often cold and stagnant. The flow and the heat contribute to a better balance in your cycle, hormones, emotions and energy. When you steam, you feel more connected to your body, your feminine essence awakens and at the same time you experience a profound sense of calmness. Even with a single steam, these effects are noticeable. It is the feminine meditation par excellence, all you have to do is enjoy it. 

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Ancient and universal

Womb Steaming is ancient and universal. Unfortunately, like so many things, it has been forgotten, but now it is coming back in full force. The best-known application of yoni steaming all over the world is steaming after childbirth. In the western world we have largely lost touch with this practice due to the disappearance of traditional midwives. But traces – historical and recent – ​​of steaming can be found in South Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guyana, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Navajo Nation, Lakota Nation, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Aztec Empire and Maya Empire. And closer to home there are historical sources about steaming in Latvia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Romania.


Vaginaal stomen kan een zachte, natuurlijke, niet-invasieve ondersteuning betekenen bij onregelmatigheden in de menstruele cyclus, afwijkingen in de vaginale afscheiding, ongemakken bij de overgang. Stomen stimuleert de circulatie van bloed en energie en kan dus bijdragen om oud residu te evacueren uit de baarmoeder. Zo kan het helpen om de reproductieve organen voor te bereiden op innesteling van de bevruchte eicel. Overal ter wereld wordt het stomen gebruikt na de bevalling om het moederlichaam terug te brengen naar de staat van voor de zwangerschap. Ook bij emotionele moeilijkheden kan het stomen een helend en verzachtend effect hebben. 

 Vaginal steaming is always a supportive treatment. The uses are not recognized by mainstream medicine. The above descriptions and terms do not represent promises of healing. The terms used should be understood as affirmations and goals, not as medical claims. Always consult your attending physician or therapist. 

How does Moving Inside offer the yoni steam?

With yoni steaming it is important to contact a certified provider. I was trained by Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, USA to map out and guide personalized steam trajectories. Safety comes first here. 

Om het stomen specifiek op jouw noden af te stemmen, beginnen we met een uitgebreide intake die bestaat uit een menstruele analyse en vragen over je algemene welzijn als vrouw. Bovendien laten we de Healy een momentopname maken van je bio-energetische balans.  

Based on this information, I will create an individualized steam plan that you can use at home. So I teach you how to integrate steaming at home into your self-care: how do you do it? At what times in your cycle? How long? with which herbs? 

Lifestyle and Nutrition Tips

In many cases I also provide additional lifestyle and nutrition tips. What can you eat to help restore the balance between yin and yang in your body? 


After one or two menstrual cycles, it is good to evaluate the process and see what changes there are in your menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge and general well-being. Based on this, the steam plan may be adjusted. Further advisory support is needed to further refine the procedure.


Steaming in combination with an energetic healing 

Depending on your needs and in mutual consultation, we combine this steam session with a Womb Blessing®, Womb Healing® or Female Soul Healing,in the line of Miranda Gray. After all, steaming provides a deep meditative rest, after which the body receives the energetic healing very well. See also Female Female Energy Awakening


Steaming in combination with Womb Awakening

Depending on your need and your process, we may include a breathing technique, a mantra, a body prayer or a guided meditation. See also Womb Awakening Womb Awakening 



Vaginal steaming is not recommended in a number of cases: during menstruation, in case of blood loss and after ovulation if you are trying to get pregnant. We adjust the time of our appointment to your cycle.


Womb Steam Ritual

Besides the individual sessions you can also do a Womb Steam Ritual If you are interested in attending one of these group sessions, take a look at our agenda. 



“Ik klopte bij Mieke aan voor hulp bij mijn vrouwelijke cyclus: inzicht, menstruatie, ongemak. Ik kreeg advies over kruiden, do’s en dont’s bij het menstrueren en leerde het womb steamen kennen. Eerst deden we het samen en nu doe ik het zelf op bepaalde dagen van de cyclus. Mieke stelde een unieke kruidenmix samen die aansluit bij mijn specifieke noden. Een unieke ervaring voor mij en een heel vrouwelijk gevoel. Mieke heeft een heel brede kennis opgebouwd wat de vrouwelijke cyclus, lichaam en geest betreft. Bovendien is ze heel gedreven en geeft ze haar kennis heel kennis door” 

– Katrien B –

“I have gotten to know Peristeam Hydrotherapy as the most empowering, and once familiar with it, most accessible and effective tool there is for my gynaecological health and cycle-wellbeing. Having had to encounter multiple womens’ health issues since menarche and to this day, vaginal steaming has been a real game-changer. Mieke’s guidance, her personalized individual steam plans for me and her empathic follow-up provide me with crucial support, knowledge, perspective and agency in my healing. Steaming is lush wellness for body and soul, but also so much more than that. It pulls a string of comfort,  recreation and deep connection, it targets my issues so very precisely and holistically, it empowers me to take care of myself, – myself, in complicity with the elements to which I connect strongly through the act and practicality of preparing the steam and the steaming itself. Every women should be provided this tool, it is a gift and I can not recommend Mieke’s work and the womb steam enough.”

– Dagmar (Dancer, Choreographer) –

“Sinds enkele maanden spreek ik individueel af met Mieke en steam ik op regelmatige basis met de kruiden die ze voor me uitkiest. Vanaf de eerste keer steamen heb ik positieve veranderingen in mijn lichaam waargenomen. Eerst voelde het aan alsof stagnatie en blokkades weer bewegend werden gemaakt.Nu de kruiden al heel wat werk hebben verricht kan ik ook het ontspannende effect waarnemen die het steamen met zich meebrengt en dit zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk. Ik heb het gevoel dat mijn lichaam haar eigen ritme kan aangeven om het in te laten werken. De uitwerking is dus niet altijd dezelfde maar wel altijd helend. Ook bij Mieke is het altijd een beetje thuiskomen. Het is alsof het altijd al zo moest zijn.”

– Wendy B – 

“I did vaginal steaming as part of a retrean hold in July 2019 in Belgium and also as a personal plan that Mieke advised for me during 2020. All the sessions were a deepening of my connection with my sacred space into the womb and with my feminine essence. First time I did in 2019 it was a complete revelation and the sensations in the body and inside my heart were so beautiful and refreshing. They brought me a new level of understanding of who I am as a woman and how much I avoided in the past this deep connection with my true female essence. I would advise the work that Mieke is doing and her supervision to any woman, she is a caring, sweet and wise medicine woman, embarked on an amazing journey for educating and supporting other women in their own process of growth and healing.”

– Irini Hara –

Maak een afspraak voor een individuele sessie via telefoon of email: +32 486 275 193

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