Diving Deep – Rising High


Diving Deep Rising High 2020


Diving Deep, Rising High takes you on a transformational journey during which we will explore three core feminine wounds:

Mother Wound, Sister Wound and Womb Wound

These wounds are likely sources of your limiting beliefs and patterns, holding you back and silencing your true voice.

We will gather during 3,5 days in a safe, supportive circle of sisters dedicated to their personal and spiritual growth and ready to dive deep. Our work will comprise a.o.


  • womb awakening & healing techniques
  • shamanic journeying
  • trauma release exercises
  • womb steam ritual 
  • herbal vapor lodge


The healing support of mother nature will be omnipresent. Our venue is surrounded by primeval forest and has a natural pool with island and spring at the heart of the domain. Located in Central France, region Allier, Couleuvre.


Thursday 2 July, 2019 5pm till Sunday 5 July, 5pm

Language: English & Nederlands

Guided by Emmi Mutale and Mieke Anthuenis


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Our Program

We have our Opening Ceremony on Thursday 7pm to set a sacred intention for the coming weekend.

On Friday and Saturday morning Emmi Mutale will guide us carefully and safely in our healing work with the mother and sister wound. These journeys comprise guided meditations and shamanic journeys, energy medicine practices such as tapping and matrix reimprinting, trauma release exercises, dance and more. We welcome you to watch Emmi Mutales video conference on the sister wound and an interview with Emmi on the feminine wounds.

On Friday and Saturday afternoon there will be time to rest or to explore the exquisite nature of the surroundings. You will have bonus material to work with in order to integrate your journey, insights and energetic shifts further. There will also be the possibility to receive a personal healing and mentoring session for the special retreat price of 30 eu. Mieke will offer Womb Blessing, Womb Healing, Female Soul Healing and/or massage. It is also possible to receive a personal vaginal steam plan, tailored for your needs. Emmi will be available for energy healing (Goddess Healing, Reiki), Womb Oracle sessions and Matrix Reimprinting.

Friday and Saturday evening will be gentle and restorative with a blissful, healing and nourishing Womb Steam Ritual guided by Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Mieke. For more info on vaginal steaming, click here. And there will be a fire place outside where we can sing and share.

On Sunday morning Emmi and Mieke will accompany you on a profound Womb Grief Ritual. Our Grief is sacred. Allowing our tears to flow heals our soul, and opens up new possibilities of joy in the future. Grief and joy are two sides of the same coin – when one remains stuck, so does the other. This ceremony is an opportunity to release unshed tears, to return to Innocence, to rebirth ourselves through our own grief.

On Sunday afternoon we will activate the medicine of the Herbal Vapor Lodge: we will enter a womb space like a temazcal where we will receive the heat of incoming stones, open our pores, and bath, cleanse and soothe our body, emotions en spirit with special herbs and flowers. During this practice of Spiritual Bathing we will wash ourselves with herbs for cleansing, nourishment, strengthening and for safeguarding the work that we have been doing during this retreat.


About your facilitators

Emmi and Mieke met in 2018 in their Womb Awakening Teacher Training in the UK. They shared an immediate soul connection while diving deep in personal womb work.


Emmi Mutale, the founder of Feminine Revered, is an internationally acclaimed, highly intuitive energy medicine practitioner known for her ability to guide deeply transformational healing processes in a safe, non-judgemental space. Emmi is an Usui Reiki Master, an accredited EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Shiatsu practitioner, a Womb Awakening teacher and an initiate to a South African shamanic lineage. She is also an experienced trainer and facilitator who leads through engagement, compassion and humour.




Mieke Anthuenis, founder of Moving Inside Moving Insight, is dedicated to helping women embrace their full feminine authenticity and life force flow. Mieke is Advanced Moon Mother®, Womb Awakening guide, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Temazcalera and Conscious Dance facilitator. She specializes in natural trance, womb healing, vaginal steam baths, herbal vapor lodge and dance. 





“What a powerful, transformational retreat! What an amazing group of aware, awake women, ready to step into their power!”

“Diving Deep, Rising High, Belgium. My heart is full and I feel blessed.”

“One of the most nurturing things I have done for myself! Not only the structure and setting and space but the whole guidance and support was strengthening. Every woman must dive deep and rise high!”

“Emmi and Mieke are a magical blend of softness and strength, powerful and compassionate leadership, wisdom and pure love, able to guide us in the deep realm of our human wounds to rise as high as the Divine only can aim. They understand the language of the wisdom keepers of the past and sing to us the light and warmth of their heart, radiating the confidence and awareness of their wombs.”

“Mieke brings an angelic, ethereal presence to the space she holds and her Voice can be both strong and soft, singing the Heart’s path directly from her Source of Love and Wisdom. She is a modern shaman of the womb, an earth-keeper and a Moon priestess. She is a master of the Shamanic arts, able to magnetize and bring healing in the sacred space of ritual with Presence, Consciousness and Love. She has a peculiar ability to communicate with you energetically, bringing calm and softness to any difficult situation. I felt very much supported by her as a woman and as a soul in full process of transformation. Her words gave me confidence and encouragement to follow on my own path of healing and creation.”

“Emmi is a strong, committed and honest facilitator of a women circle, her Voice comes directly from the power of her Womb and her wisdom irradiates in her whole presence and in the way she keeps the sacred space safe and grounded for the other women. She brings structure, a strong sense of connection and a deep compassionate attitude to everyone, filling in the space with her warm smile and attention to details. I felt blessed to be part of the whole experience in the retreat “Diving deep, rising high” under her skillful and warmhearted leadership. As a therapist she also masters her craft and her deep experience guides her into a tailored approach to each situation and person. I enjoyed very much being under her wise guidance and receiving healing energies from the Goddess.”

“Thank you, beautiful Emmi, for coming into my life and breathing deep wisdom, and love into it. Thank you for reaching out during a really challenging time in my life. Thank you for seeing my Essence and reflecting it back to me, again and again. And in so doing reminding me of the power of love that lies deep inside me. With every single session I’ve had with you, I feel so deeply connected, held and given space to BE, without fear of being judged. The warm sound of your voice is not only soothing and reassuring, it makes me feel safe and held. You guide and facilitate with so much compassion, and yet also so skilfully. With your guidance I feel safe to feel, express and release emotions and energies that I find very challenging… and something very beautiful, deep and rich emerges. I’m really in awe of how you work, your bigness of heart, your quiet knowing. With your help, I am able to bring playful, loving light to dark and painful situations and emotions, often leading to immediate shifts in my external world and an ability to face difficulties with a greater sense of empowerment, energy and tenderness toward those near and dear to me. I hope that many, many women come to be touched by your healing work and by your who-you-are-ness.”

Mieke, Thank you again a thousand times for your surrender, intensity and loving truthfulness. I have the impression that something has changed in my dealing with people and things. I am still cautious but the combination of stories, rituals and meditations have made me a more powerful woman. Empowered, that’s how I feel.